Company Profile

ABETRANS Logistics Ltd

Israel’s largest company in the field of international sea and air freight forwarding.

ABETRANS Ltd. is a publicly traded company in Israel, rated by the credit rating agency Dun&Bradstreet Israel under Globes Dun’s 100, ranked eighth consecutively for the last three years in a row, and forms one of the leading companies in Israeli industry and economy.

Areas of operation

ABETRANS Logistics Ltd. dominates the areas of international freight forwarding, shipping, customs brokerage and import and export of cargo by air and by sea.

The company relies on extensive experience of over 33 years in international freight forwarding.

ABETRANS operates branches both nationwide and worldwide with agents all over the world – in Haifa, Ashdod and Ben Gurion Airport, and at some of the border crossings with our neighboring countries. The company experiences constant leveraging and growth, and currently transports huge quantities of dry and refrigerated containers in export, import and air shipments. In addition, the company also specializes in Ro-Ro ship cargo shipment and large projects such as: Relocation of entire factories from one country to another and more.

The company is characterized by operating agents and and forwarders overseas using a global network of 3,500 international freight forwarders deployed in over 100 countries worldwide.

ABETRANS is very active in countries such as: China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium (Europe), Poland, USA and more ..

In other destinations we cooperate with multinational freight forwarding companies and maintain close work relationships with the world’s leading airlines and shipping companies.

Professionalism, reliability and service orientation

ABETRANS management is led by Mr. Abraham Firian, acting CEO and owner, who has an experience of over 36 years in international freight forwarding, shipping, customs brokerage, and in the import and export of cargo by air and by sea. The company employs around 100 people, who make up a skilled, experienced and professional team with decades of heightened awareness to reliability and of providing excellent service to its customers.

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