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ABETRANS Logistics understands the urgency of your shipments, and provide flexible solutions to your needs through air transport to Israel.

Italy–IsraelAir Consol bi-weekly service

ABETRANS Logistics in cooperation with their historical partner GDT Logistic Spa,
offer an accurate and dedicated Air consol services from Italy to Israel, guarantying complete assistance both at origin and at destination and top quality door-to-door service.

GDT collection and consolidation center is at GDT owned warehouse located in Cardano al Campo (Va), with bi-weekly departures to Tel Aviv Airport.

Complete details of our Italian partner:

GDT Logistic S.P.A.                                    MXP Airport Branch:
Via XII Ottobre 2/114-115                             Via C.Cattaneo,111
16121 Genoa – Italy                                     21010 Cardano al Campo
Ph.: +39-010-5353711                                 Ph.: +39-0331-260481
Fax: +39-010-5353737                                Fax: +39-0331-260142
Web: www.gdtlogistic.com                           Web: www.gdtlogistic.com

You can rely on ABETRANS to:

  • Supply the goods through the main lines of international air freight services
  • Ensure the implementation of all processes and monitoring the goods from the designated location
  • Track your shipments using a tracking Service
  • Provide urgent and intensive processing vis-a-vis the customs and state authorities
  • Air transport of frozen shipments

Air transport with temperature control is the best way to send delicate, perishable or frozen goods.

ABETRANS provides the most suitable solutions for refrigerated transport by air, and knows how to detect the most suitable transport for the goods and to keep the refrigeration chain according to the product type, time of flight and the destination.

Refrigeration solutions by air

Dry Ice

Dry ice is carbon dioxide (CO2) solidified at very low temperatures. It can be found in various particle sizes and shapes such as cubes, pellets or snow. Adding dry ice to perishable shipments is a common practice used as a cost-effective solution for maintaining the temperature during the flight.

Gel packs

Gel packs are a practical and economical replacement for dry ice. This is a pack containing cooling gel that keeps the cargo longer and fresher than dry ice. This is an excellent material for reuse which is safe for use with food and medicine.

Do you have a shipment that you seek to ship refrigerated?

Ask us what’s the best and most suitable way to do this.

An-124 // LACHS from Cheruy Sébastien on Vimeo.

Air Freight
Air Freight
Air Freight