Sea freight (import and export)


ABETRANS extensive logistical experience enables us to deliver high quality services, with a large number of major shipping lines, from all over the world, and to anywhere in the world at the lowest prices and the highest quality service.

We operate at almost every seaport in the world.

Full containers – FCL

ABETRANS provides services to full FCL containers, which is the best way to transport large amounts of goods from around the world, and to anywhere, in the safest way possible.

Do you know what is the container size which is best and most appropriate for your goods?

Dry container – 20′, 40′, 40HQ
Refrigeration Container – REEFER 20RF’, 40RF’
Open container – OPEN TOP – 20OT, 40OT
Flat container – FLAT RACKS

Ask our experts to learn what is best for your needs.

Partial containers – GROUPAGE. LCL

Groupage, also known as consolidation or LCL (less than a full container) is the ideal solution for small packages, where the weight and/or volume of the cargo are not enough to fill a full container.

ABETRANS provides a service that assembles and groups together shipments sent to the same destination in one joined container. We provide weekly Groupage services from various ports, while specializing in the most varied destinations at competitive prices.

Italy–Israel: LCL weekly service

ABETRANS Logistics in cooperation with their historical partner GDT Logistic Spa,
offer an accurate and dedicated LCL  services from Italy to Israel, guarantying complete assistance both at origin and at destination and top quality door-to-door service.

GDT collection and consolidation center is at GDT owned warehouse located in Cardano al Campo (Va), with weekly departures to the sea ports of Ashdod and Haifa.

Complete details of our Italian partner:

GDT Logistic S.P.A.                                    MXP Airport Branch:
Via XII Ottobre 2/114-115                             Via C.Cattaneo,111
16121 Genoa – Italy                                     21010 Cardano al Campo
Ph.: +39-010-5353711                                 Ph.: +39-0331-260481
Fax: +39-010-5353737                                Fax: +39-0331-260142
Web: www.gdtlogistic.com                           Web: www.gdtlogistic.com

Refrigeration containers – REEFER

A REEFER container is a container with a refrigerator motor, allowing the transport of sensitives goods under controlled temperature, for example:
– Most food products – such as milk, meat and chocolate products.
– Agricultural products, agricultural exports and imports – such as fruits and vegetables.
– Pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Most refrigeration containers allow transport at temperatures ranging from -25 degrees to +25 degrees.

Sea freight (import and export)
Sea freight (import and export)
Sea freight (import and export)
Sea freight (import and export)