Work Process


Nature of the process

We in ABETRANS provide a comprehensive and complete door-to-door service. Thanks to the fact that the company operates agents anywhere in the world in a global deployment, we are able to deliver every shipment from the supplier’s factory to the customer’s business quickly, safely and professionally.

Special projects

Transportation of complex goods or unique projects, requires professionalism, knowledge and specific abilities to transport the relevant cargo to Israel intact, on time and to the complete satisfaction of the customer. To meet these standards, we have established a specific expertise in these projects.

We in ABETRANS have vast experience in conventional and special projects. We also work with the leading companies in Israel in the field of transporting complex goods such as, buses, wide pipes, cranes, heavy and huge installations, and more …

Deployment of the agents and ports from which we work

On the side you can see an updating map of our coordinates worldwide. Everywhere, we are there for you.